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Leading Medical Uniform Manufacturer in China

We, as medical uniform manufacturer, have been running a wholesale medical uniform manufacturing business for ten years now. In 2012, my team. It is committed to creating a wide range of work wear designs. We, as medical uniform supplier, deliver work uniforms to more than 100 uniform firms throughout several nations over the past ten years, and we have positive comments from our clients. Certain special directives from authorities, airlines, and educational institutions. We, as medical uniform dealer, appreciate all of your guys’ support.

We, as medical uniform dealer, take great satisfaction in being a top producer, distributor, wholesaler, and dealer of superior medical apparel. As a wholesale medical uniform supplier, we are providing the best solutions for your uniform needs. Thus, we recognise how important it is for healthcare workers to wear comfortable but effective clothing. Our cutting-edge production plant is there to provide a variety of medical apparel, such as scrubs, lab coats, and nursing uniforms.

Wholesale Medical Uniform Supplier

We, as medical uniform manufacturer, employ premium textiles that satisfy the requirements of the medical field. We provide medical uniforms to clinics, hospitals, healthcare organizations, and individual practitioners. You can discover the ideal outfits for your squad thanks to our extensive collection. We, as wholesale medical uniform supplier, provide affordable wholesale prices if you want to stock up on medical uniforms for your full crew or retail location.

Our uniforms are long-lasting and durable since we design them to handle the demands of the healthcare setting. Both comfort and style are taken into consideration while designing as medical scrubs distributor. We, as medical uniform dealer, provide a range of sizes and styles to accommodate the tastes of all medical professionals. We, medical uniform manufacturer, are aware that every facility is distinct and has certain needs. However, we provide customization choices so you may personalize your uniforms with names, logos, and bespoke colors.


About Beijing Shuailang Garment Ltd

Beijing Shuailang Garment Ltd. is a apparel company specializing in the design, production and sales of medical clothing, founded in 2007. With a modern production base and a professional technical team, we are committed to product development and innovation to provide our customers with high quality and cost-effective products.

Vision Dentista

Becoming a world-class medical clothing brand and service provider has been our vision since we entered the industry We are committed to advancing the technology and design of medical apparel to provide better products and services to the medical industry, through innovation and excellence


The mission of Beijing Shuailang Garment Ltd. is to provide reliable protection for the medical industry by producing high – quality, environmentally friendly and high-safety medical garments. We provide medical practitioners with ergonomically designed, durable, easy-to-clean, comfortable and reliable medical apparel to ensure their work efficiency and safety, and to provide a comfortable medical environment for patients.

Our Values

Beijing Shuailang Garment Co., Ltd. firmly believes that well-developed values are the soul of corporate culture and the core motivation for sustainable development. In the operation of our company, we always adhere to the following values:

Customer First

We always adhere to the core principle of "Quality First, Customer First", take customer demand as our guide, and constantly improve product quality to meet customer expectations for product quality and service.

Honesty and trustworthiness

We treat our customers, partners and employees in a fair, transparent and impartial manner. We keep our promises and maintain good business ethics.

Constant Innovation

We encourage our employees to continually explore new technologies, processes and materials to meet the higher demands of our customers for our products.

Our Products


LONALL Two-pocket scrub Top


LONALL One-pocket scrub Top


LONALL Two-pocket scrub Top


Our Global Reach

Beijing Shuailang Garment Ltd. has a strong global coverage capability, and our high-quality medical clothing is sold in many countries and regions around the world. We have established long-term partnerships with distributors and wholesalers in North America, Europe, Asia, and other regions, and our products have been widely used in hospitals, clinics, and other medical institutions.
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